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Window Treatments

for Arched Windows

Builders and homeowners alike, love the look of an arched window or specialty shaped window. Arched windows, while aesthetically beautiful, often present a variety of challenges when trying to find the perfect window treatment. It's common for new homes to have one or two arched windows. Some new home builders place an emphasis on the arched window architecture on the front of the house, or other focal-point rooms. Typically, arched windows can be one of the most expensive windows to cover, as the shape of the window can limit the number of window treatment products available in a special shape.

The are several window fashions that work well for the arched and shaped windows.

Wood Shutters are a great option. The shutters can be measured, designed, and manufactured to mimic the arch of the window, offering a stylish, designer look. Wood or plantation shutters are available in most arch and angle top shapes.

                           +  Uncompromising quality and design.

                           +  Available in a variety of colors including trending colors like gray and taupe.

                           +  Can be custom color matched to coordinate or perfectly match paint and stain colors.

Cellular Shades are the only soft shade that can be manufactured to follow most arched window shapes, including perfect arches, octagons, hexagons, trapezoids, angle top and angle bottom designs. Cellular shades are a popular option when considering what window covering to install in a window with a shape or an arch. It’s common for arched windows to be higher than other windows in your home. It’s for this reason that cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades (due to their side appearance, resembling that of a honeycomb) are a perfect choice. Cellular shades are manufactured in a variety of cellular thicknesses. Choosing a cellular shade that filters the light, or even blocks the light can be an important factor for hard to reach windows that generate a lot of direct sunlight. Click here to learn more about tall windows.

Faux & Wood Blinds

If you have a tight budget, or you're not a fan of shutters or cellular shades, you may opt to simply ignore the arched portion of the window. In other words, the headrail of most window fashions can be mounting on the side of the window just below where the arch begins. The orange demonstrates the location of the headrail. If you can envision having the headrail go across the square or rectangular portion of your window; but keep the arched portion of the window open. You can also use a wood blind option in harmony with a faux wood sunburst. For windows with an arch, you’d have both a wood blind product as well as a sunburst arch on the top of the window.

Faux Wood Sunburst 

Another popular option to cover an arched window is to have a custom sunburst arch made to fit inside your arched window opening. The arch is professionally measured and installed for a perfect fit, often times used on a stand-alone arched or shaped window or in conjunction with another window covering product.

Outside Mount Blinds or Shades 

If you've identified a window treatment you've had your heart set before the builder even broke ground, or you've fallen in love with a particular roller shade or Mezzanine layered shade, you can certainly have it. Shapes and arched is something most people want to have but they overlook the importance of the window treatment for the shaped windows. At some point during the construction phase that a new homeowner will have that ah-ha moment, realizing the window fashion they’ve always wanted won’t fit inside the arched opening. Don’t fret.


It's common with arched windows to move the mounting mechanism from inside the window to the outside, as demonstrated by the orange line around the window. The installer will measure outside of the window, extending the window covering above the arch, and outside the natural window frame. This is a designer look and current with today's clean and simplistic lines, and trends.

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