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Window Treatments for

Doors & French Doors


Window Treatments for Door and French Doors

Doors and French doors are gorgeous architectural structures that offer support, function, and design elements to any room. Finding the right door window treatment which will also compliment the rest of the window treatments in the house is an important decision to make. 

There are several questions that I hear over and over when discussing door and French doors in relation to window treatments. Many homeowners are curious about the necessity of adding window treatments to doors and should the window treatments for doors match the window coverings in the same room or can they be different, finally, is it okay to have the window coverings be inside mount while doors are outside mount.

When it comes to doors in general, I find that people are split down the middle on the question of to cover or not to cover. Just like those with high windows or hard to reach windows, it's common for new homebuyers to skip buying window treatments to their doors and French doors but down the road, they find they have privacy issues with the neighbors, or light issues with Tv's or computer screens and want to add them later. I recommend ordering window treatments at the same time so that the dye-lot is consistent, especially for fabric shades and blinds, or those customer color matched. 

Typically the number of doors in a house is a fraction of the number of windows and typically don't increase the overall cost of the quote to a proportionally out of range number. Now that you've decided to add window coverings to your doors, you have a couple of decisions to make with regards to the type of window fashion and how that window fashion will be mounted. 

If you've ordered shutters for your whole home, or at least a room where you also have a door, shutters are custom designed specific to each door. As you can see from the image above and to the right, this door has a tall locking mechanism and handle. The door knob cut out is specific to this door. Shutters are stylish on their own but when added to a door, they look exceptional. Also note the shutter is mounted to the outside of the door, not inside the frame like in the case of many shutter window installations. This is due to the narrow frame width that is available on most doors. For this reason, a shutter mounted on a door is typically installed as an outside mount, while neighboring windows will be inside mount. This question come up for many homeowners wondering if mixing both inside and outside mounted frames looks good. As you can see from the examples above, it looks great. 

An outside mount installation is also true for a variety of other window treatments for doors. Most shades and blinds can be installed as an inside mount for the windows but move to an outside mount for doors and French doors. If you're curious about this, visit our Pinterest page, showcasing doors with window treatments.

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