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Window Treatments for Heat & Humidity

Finding the right window treatment to compliment your home can be overwhelming. But finding window treatments for a specific concern, such as controlling heat or humidity, can add to the confusion. Not to fret! We're here to help you choose the right window treatments for your space.  If controlling the light, heat and humidity is important to you, there are a variety of window treatment options for you.

Shade Solutions for Light, Heat & Humidity Control

Graber offers a variety of shades that meld form and function to deliver remarkably effective benefits and a variety of solutions for every home. The choices are vast, offering a wide selection of designs and styles that offer precise light control, ease of operation, cord safety, and protection from excess heat and UV rays. All of which are available in a wide range of colors and materials. 

Chose from Graber Layered Shades, Roller and Solar Shades, Cellular and Pleated Shades, Exterior Solar Shades and Sliding Panels to protect slider doors. If Shutters speak your language, there are a variety of design, style and control options that will help with heat and humidity.

When choosing the best window treatment for a space, consider how the space is used. Taking into account the use and purpose of each room will help to narrow down window treatment possibilities  for controlling heat and humidity. If you're looking for window treatments for a working space, such as a study, you may want to consider a cellular shade with a bottom up/top down functionality. This type of window treatment will allow you to control how the light enters the room, therefore controlling the heat. 

Stress-Tested in Extreme Environments

Graber Traditions and Lake Forest Faux Wood Blinds are tested for adhesive strength in high heat to control UV. Grabers' Composite Shutters do very well in high heat and high humidity conditions.

Traditions® Composite Blinds

Moisture-resistant, polymer composite 2" and 2½" slats with superior strength and available with a smooth finish.

Lake Forest® Faux Wood Blinds

Moisture-resistant, durable, solid or wood-grain patterned PVC available in 2” and 2½” slats .

Reach out to a Shutter Shop designer for help with choosing the best window treatments for your situation.

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