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Window Treatments for High & Hard to Reach Windows

Do you live in a house that has cathedral or vaulted ceilings? It's very popular these days to have large open rooms that flow into each other. Often times to achieve these open concept rooms, builders will raise the ceilings and add large windows, sometimes one or two large windows or a set of layered windows, to provide an even larger feel.

I can't count the number of times I've consulted with a homeowner that decides to leave the tall upper windows uncovered. They love the idea of letting the light in and adding to the open feel of the room. As many times as people have asked me to leave the upper windows open, the same number of times I've been asked to find a window covering solution for those hard to reach windows. Depending on what the homeowners chose when they purchased their initial window treatments, matching them may or may not be as easy as you think. Classic window coverings like shutters or wood blinds are typically pretty easy to match, other window coverings such as specialty colored shades may be harder to match down the road. If you think you'll ever want to cover the high windows, it's always recommended to do it at the time you order the rest of your window fashions. Consistency is usually best.


Tall windows aren't easy to reach and usually go unnoticed until they beam blinding light in your face, TV, or computer screen during certain times of the day. When high windows are left uncovered, they can fade flooring and furnishings too. If you're at a place where your high windows need to be covered, let's explore the options and functionality of popular window treatment solutions for high or hard to reach windows. 

The first consideration for these high windows is: Will you want to open or close the window coverings or will you leave them open or closed all the time? If you want to control the light during the day, and you see yourself opening and closing the high windows, you may want to consider a motorized blind or shade. 

Motorized shades sound luxurious, but in many instances, especially rooms with hard to reach windows, motorized blinds and shades are a practical solution. Picture this: There's a set of six windows in your living area; three on the top and three on the bottom. They're all the same size. Let's say you choose a corded window fashion, like wood or faux wood blinds. When the window treatment is installed, the three lower blinds will have a cord that is pretty well hidden inside the window opening, while the upper windows will have three long, extended cords, that hang down to a reachable position; likely tangling up with the lower window cords. This is generally not desirable for most homeowners and where the idea of a motorized solution is born.

As an example, wood blinds, due to the weight of the blinds, are often limited in the motorized options. That said, the tilt portion of a wood blind can be motorized. Having a remote control that operates the tilt allows you to keep the binds in the down position while opening and closing the louvers with an easy to operate remote.

Motorization options come with a variety of options including RTS and Z-Wave, which can link to your Smart-home controls. Click here for motorization details.

If motorization is out of the question and you still want to be able to open and close a high window, you may want to consider a reach or grabber pole. Such poles have a hook on one end, allowing you the ability to "grab" the pull cord and gently open or close the window treatment.

Discuss with your window treatment consultant, solutions for high or out of reach windows. There's a solution to fix any window treatment challenge. 

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