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Window Treatments

for Those with Expensive Taste

High End, Designer and Luxury Window Treatments

If you're in the market for window treatments and you're personal design flare tends to be on the more expensive side, there's a way to achieve an expensive, high-end designer look, while still maintaining your budget.


When I was young, I remember my grandmother meeting with a local designer. My grandmother loved  the color red. She had red shag carpet and heavy red-velvet draperies put up throughout her house- sounds awful, right? The image of what that room must have looked like is enough to make most homeowners cringe. I'm confident heavy tapestries and shag carpet will never make their way back to being current design trends. My grandmother had very eclectic and eccentric taste when it came to decorating her house. She believed that a room that had custom drapes was "put-together". A lot has changed in design over the past 40 years, and design has moved pretty far away from heavy draperies and shag carpet.

Now and again I'll meet a homeowner that doesn't necessarily feel she needs red velvet drapes, but does believe the only way her room will look like it belongs in a catalog or put together by a high-end designer is to have custom drapes. Personally I have nothing against drapes, but I believe there's a way to achieve a designer look and have a light-bright clean feel without the necessity of drapes.

New homeowners visit the showroom all the time seeking my advice. They want to know what window treatments have clean lines, and will match the interior of their new, light-bright home. Rarely does a couple come to the store in search of custom drapes. Instead, they want something that compliments the interior finishes of their home. This can be accomplished with a variety of products. One of my favorite products, which is a layered shade product, is called Mezzanine (pictured above) shades. Mezzanine or layered shades have clean, simple lines, and are available in a variety of colors. They have standard and motorized control options and stand alone as an artistic conversation starter in your home.

Exterior Solar Shades and Exterior Shutters 

Exterior shutters and shades are a luxury item designed to enhance the outside of your home. While you pay a great deal of attention to your interior of your home, solar shades and exterior shutters add a luxurious element to the outside of your home. Click here for more information on exterior solar shades and plantation shutters.

Interior Shutters

A classic option and an obvious choice when considering window fashions, interior shutters offer a design element all their own. Shutters have been around for over a 100 years. Their timeless beauty and design hasn't changed much over the years. The classic louvered designs are reminiscent of yester-years but stand firm as a go-to design option for designers all over the world. Shutters are an investment in your home, just like an heirloom table or armoire. Shutters are always going to be in style, and like years gone by, they're for those with high-end taste and a vision of classic design.  

When choosing the right window treatment for any room, consider the overall design of the room, the colors, the textures, and lighting. A well thought out strategy can make any room look like a designer show stopper. Installing the right window treatment is one of the most impactful design elements you can do to achieve a designer quality look. 

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