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Window Treatments

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Motorized Window Treatments

Motorized controls are moving towards the "go-to" window treatment for many. Shutter Shop specializes in Somfy motorized controls and we're certified by Somfy as a motorization authority.   Motorization can be used to control a single shade or a group of blinds in your home. Smart homes are increasing in popularity. You can control nearly every part of your home with either a voice command, remote control, or timed operation, wouldn't it be convenience to control your window treatments with a Smart home device or remote? For more information on high-end designs, click here.

Tip: If you're building a new home, discuss with the builder your options for running electricity to your window openings. It's much easier to have any hard wiring done during the planning stages than after the house is built. Many homeowners we've worked with that want their window treatments to be part of their Smart home, often forget this detail and are faced with an added expense of "rewiring" or opting for motorization with a battery option.

Motorization is available as a hard wired option, a variety of battery controlled options, rechargeable solar-battery controlled option, or a three-prong plug in. The option best suited for you is determined by your lifestyle, how many shades you want to operate, how you feel about replacing batteries, either from a cost or maintenance perspective.  If you have a house with high windows, a motorized control may be the best solution but keeping in mind that replacing batteries a couple of times a year, climbing on a tall ladder may not be your thing, in which case you may want to consider a maintenance plan with your motorized purchase or opt for hard wiring or plug in controls. Not all shades or motors are available in all control types. Work with your motorization expert to be sure your Smart home goals line up with product availability, motor types, as well as option and accessory options. 

Products perfect for motorization:

Cellular Shades are soft versatile shades with a honeycomb-shaped cell design that traps air for consistent insulation and energy savings, cellular shades are easily controlled with a remote.

Natural Shades are a renewable materials in versatile weaves and natural patterns for a distinct, chic to rustic appearance that can be controlled with a motorized assembly. 

Wood Blinds are responsibly-sourced wood product that adds a rich warmth and insulation to any interior room. When considering wood blinds as a motorized product, keep mind that only the tilt feature can be controlled using a remote.

Roller Shades & Solar Shades the convenience of a roller shade with the fluid operation of a motorized controls is clear to see what roller shades are a popular go-to for motorized window treatments.

Windows perfect for motorization:

Tall Windows  If you have windows that are hard to reach, a motorized option is ideal. Many customers interested in motorized controls don't like the idea of long cords dangling, especially in kitchen windows where they may become soiled. 

Hard to Reach Windows When a customer has a window opening covered by a large piece of furniture or other obstruction, a motorized control may be a great solution to use the window but not have to climb over a couch or other item to get to the window. Motorized offers usage of an otherwise potentially useless windows. 

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