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Window Treatments

for Patios & Decks

Exterior Solutions for Patios, Decks & Balconies 

Now that you finally have your dream backyard and outdoor living area, you realize that the wind, pesky bugs and heat, make enjoying your new deck or patio, a little more challenging than you thought. Adding exterior solar shades to your deck or patio will drastically change the look and feel of your outdoor living space, not to mention drop the temperature as well. Shutter Shop offers a variety of exterior patio solutions.

Exterior Solar Shades 

Ideal for Any Space with a Degree of Sun Exposure

  • You're able to lower your energy costs even more by reducing heat gain in your patio or deck of your home.

  • Adding an outside layer helps to protect your interior flooring and décor investments from fading due to the harmful effects UV rays.

  • Standard non motorized construction includes a bottom notch mechanism, allowing the shade to be anchored so it doesn't flap in the breeze.

  • Highly durable, exterior-rated materials, fabrics, and components which are engineered to withstand heat, weather, humidity, and intense sun exposure. You can add motorization to most exterior solar shades offering easy to raise and lower options. There's an optional wind sensor that can be added to most solar shades, ensuring a long life when left down during inclement weather conditions. 

Exterior Aluminum Shutters

  • Ideal for adding an additional room or extra space outdoors, click here for more information.

  • Secure and private

  • Built to last.

  • Beautiful designs, wide range of color options.

  • Available in a variety of layout and build-out options. 

Whatever your personal goals for your outdoor living space, solar shades are a beautiful addition to any area where light and UV control is desired. 

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