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Cords and Kids (pets too) - They Don't Mix

October Is National Window Covering Safety Month.

The Window Covering Safety Council (WXSC) reminds people with young children that cords and kids (pets too) just don't mix. It's strongly recommended that parents with young children and pets consider only purchasing window shades and blinds that have cordless or motorized control functionality. Graber offers a variety of window coverings with optional cordless controls.
Baby standing by the window. Choose cordless controls with young children.

When considering window coverings, look for window treatments labeled with "Best the for Kids" certification label. There's a strenuous certification process in order for a window treatment manufacturer to be labeled as "certified." The manufacture must submit their window coverings to a third party testing laboratory for analysis and review. This is required to determine if their products meet the criteria to be able to be labeled and endorsed as "Best for Kids". When products meet the criteria, the laboratory will send a report saying that they may hold the label and it is at this time that a manufacturer may label products with the certification.

Cordless is the safest solution for kids and pets.

Finding the balance between safety and style can be achieved, work with your designer, expressing any concerns you have with the presence of children or pets in the home. Home with pets and children should exercise safety measures to prevent window treatment cord accidents. Graber takes extra care to help secure your home, offering many features to ensure safety, style, and comfort.

One of the best way to achieve proper cordless safety is with a motorized or cordless lift option. Many Graber window treatment offer both motorization and cordless features.

Strangulation is the biggest concern with cords when small children and pets are present. Motorized control functionality as well as cordless controls will prevent any opportunity for strangulation, offering parents and grand parents peace of mind.

If you choose a window treatment that has a continuous loop cord, Graber offers tension pulleys and tie-down devices to keep looped pull cords taut. As you can see in the image to the right, the pulley is screwed into the window sill.

Graber also uses cord stops on horizontal blinds (like faux and wood blinds) that help to prevent internal cords from slipping through the slats or louvers.

Check window treatments for saftey

Is it Time for a Safety Check?

The Window Covering Safety Council urges all caregivers to check every window and window treatment for potential cord and safety hazards. They recommend using the following guidelines to ensure your home remains safe for your children and pets:

  • Install only cordless window treatments in sleeps areas where children are present. This would include installing motorized shades and blinds.

  • Move cribs, toddler beds, toys, and all furniture away from window treatment cords. If possible move to a wall that does not have any windows at all. If you have cords on windows where young children sleep or play, it is recommended those window treatment be removed and replaced with a window covering options that follow the Window Covering Safe Council's approved window treatments. At a minimum if you still have looped cords, cut the loop at the center point adding tassels to both ends. It's also recommended that you cut the individual cords short.

  • If you have continuous looped corded blinds or shades, make sure the cords are permanently affixed to the floor or wall. Keep all cords out of reach of children by installing and using cord cleats.

  • Cord "stops" must be properly installed and adjusted to force limited movement of any inner lift cord.

  • Get in the habit of locking cords into position whenever horizontal slatted shades and blinds are lowered. This should also be the case when fully lowered and resting on the window sill.

  • Replace drapery, blinds, and shades manufactured before 2001 with new technology designed to keep your home cord safe.

  • If you're not able to replace older window treatments or are not able to repair existing window treatments with a retrofit cord kit, reach out to for more information.

Visit our products page for a full breakdown of window treatment safety features by product type.

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