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What to Include in Your 'Open First' Moving Boxes

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Moving day is one of those days that can be bittersweet depending on the circumstances of the move. Packing a couple of “essentials boxes” is something than many overlook but can really help you when you get to the new house. If you have room, keep your “open first” boxes with you, especially for a long-distance move. If you are limited on space, and you must put the boxes on the moving truck, make sure they're the last to load so they're fist off at the new house. As the moving truck door closes and your worldly possessions packed like a game of Tetras, leave their old home, having a boxes with the necessary comforts of home will be more helpful than you think.

Essentials Box Recommendations:

first aid kit for open first box
Moving day, pack first aid kit

Tylenol and First Aid Kit: Moving is stressful and painful. Schlepping boxes, lifting boxes, and unpacking boxes can take a toll, even when you're careful. If you’ve ever had to move boxes yourself, you may recall the next day how you hurt in places you didn’t know were possible. For this reason, pack a bottle of pain medication, something like Tylenol. I also recommend a first aid kit. You just never know. Someone may get a box cut or find a broken glass inside a box and get a little nick. Make sure your first aid kit is well stocked with first aid ointment, band-aids, and cotton wraps.

Pack extra clothes for moving day.

Change of Clothing: It seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people forget to have an extra couple of outfits set aside plus bedtime clothing. Make sure every member of the family has enough clothing set aside to ensure you will have enough to get through until you dig out the clothing boxes out of the pile. If you have little ones, an extra set on top of the extra set may be a good idea. Pack plenty of diapers, socks if it is cold, and a change of shoes. It’s a good idea that everyone wear shoes that cover the toes in a house filled with boxes. I also suggest a rain slick if there is any change of rain.

Camera: Documenting your new house on move in day will be pictures you look back at over time and cherish having. When you arrive at your new home take a few minutes and go room to room. You can have the kids help you put together a before and after scrapbook page. If this move is intended to be a long-term relocation, especially if you have young children, having documented move in day of the house they grow up in will surely be adored down the road.

Moving day, remember your pet.

Don't Forget About Fido: Everyone feels a sense of stress and your beloved family pet is no different. Make sure you have his favorite toys, bedding, bones, food dishes, or anything else you can think of that will make Fido's transition as comfortable as possible.

Moving day, pack tools

Tool Bag: Even if you’re not “handy”, it is a good idea to have the essential tools. You’d be surprised just how often having a screw driver would be beneficial. Make sure you have a hammer, set of screwdrivers, pliers, needle nosed pliers, and a masking tape, a variety of screws and nails, Allen wrench for putting together bed frames and cribs, and a box cutter.

Making sure you have plenty of fresh bedding will make your first night more enjoyable  in your new house
Make sure you have bedding available

Bedding: It seems obvious as it can be but having enough bedding for your first night in your new house more enjoyable. Bedding is one of those things we take for granted until we realize we don’t have it or have enough of it. If you have children, making their first night comfortable can set the tone for how well they adjust. Make sure you have their favorite pillows and blankets readily accessible.

If you’re moving to a new climate, it’s especially a good idea to make sure you have your bases covered with bedding. If your old climate is warmer than your new climate, make sure extra bedding is within reach.

Towels, Shampoo, and Soap: This is another one you think you’d never forget but it happens. Digging through boxes trying to find your sons favorite hoodie towel, the one with the turtle may not be fun when your swimming is a sea of boxes. Set plenty of towels aside so everyone has at least one towel and wash cloth.

Pack plenty of toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning supplies

Toilet Paper and Paper Towels: If you’re moving close by, it’s just as easy to run to the store, or so you think. In the hustle and bustle of it all, leaving to run to Target may not be as convenient as you think. Make sure you have two to three rolls of TP as well as a couple new rolls of paper towels. It’s a good idea to also pack disposable cleaning clothes and your favorite household cleaner. Even if you had the house cleaned professionally before moving in, there always seems to be a few items that you want to give one final wipe over, just to make sure it’s clean enough to meet your standards.

when moving make sure you have enough water and snacks
Pack plenty of water and snacks

Food and Water: You will need to have a variety of snack on hand to make sure your stay fueled and hydrated. It’s easy in the throws of directing movers this way and that way to forget to eat or drink something. Have at least a case of water available for the movers and another case of water for your family. Granola bars and other snack with plenty of protein.

moving day temporary window treatments
On moving day make sure you have temporary window treatments

Temporary Window Treatments: This is one that most people tend to overlook. It’s a good idea, ahead of time, to pick up disposable, temporary window shades. Your local window treatment retailed may provide them with a purchase of your shutters, binds, or shades, or you can grab them from your local big box store. I caution you to wear gloves when installing and cutting temporary blinds yourself, or you will likely be digging into your first aid kit. Imagine your first night in you new home, you just survived a big move, you're exhausted and just want to take a hot shower, realizing you are living in a fish bowl. Not fun! Having temporary window treatments will make the days that come a more private experience. Work with your local window treatment retailer or installation team to arrange to have temporary blinds installed the day of your move. They should be happy to work with your schedule with a little heads-up.

While moving day is often one of the most stressful days an individual goes through, preparing in advance for the unknown will save you time, making sure your transition goes as smoothly as possible.

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