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We Can Help You Find the Perfect Window Treatment to Match Your Lifestyle

With a wide range of colors, styles, and textures, our window treatments will perfectly suit your individual needs. We offer a legacy of craftsmanship and dedicated expertise, ensuring a customized solution that's both functional and beautiful, while matching your specific lifestyle. 


When we meet with homeowners or commercial developers, finding out how a particular space will be used is very important in making design recommendations.  Is the room used for working, relaxation, or entertaining? Does the room require light filtering or room darkening? Do people sleep in the room? Conventional or non-conventional hours? Is privacy a factor? Does the room have electronic screens, such as an office, study, living room, or media room, where reflective glare can be an issue? Is it used for formal or informal activities? All this information will help us find the perfect design style for your window fashions. 

Lifestyle considerations are also an important part of design. If you have children or pets in your home, you may consider window fashions with built in safety features, such as motorized lift and cordless lift, in materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Are you looking for products to help with energy efficiency? If your windows have a southern or western exposure, the room could fluctuate greatly in temperature certain times of the year. Direct sunlight can also bleach textiles unevenly. Finding a fade resistant, energy-efficient product, designed to address these concerns, can play an important role in the design choices made.

Do you have budgetary concerns? Click here for more information on window treatments on a budget.

Does your home have specialty shaped windows, such as arches or quarter arches? Our design options may change if you're wanting consistency in your window fashions throughout the home. Read more here on specialty shaped window coverings.

Whatever specific concerns or goals you have for your home, whether its room darkening, energy efficiency, or just visual appeal, we're here to help. We'll find you functional and affordable design options that will perfectly fit your home. To schedule a free in home design consultation, simply click the link below. Or visit our local showroom where we have all the latest window fashions in full size and on display. 

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