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Window Treatments

for Wide Windows

If you have a large picturesque window, consider yourself lucky, because you likely have a view beyond the stretches of your window sill. Covering a large-scale window can be challenging due to the mere size of the window. If you've tried to cover the windows with off-the-shelf or ready-made curtains, then you've likely run into issues finding the right size. Don't fret. We can offer a variety of solutions to help you cover the wide and large-scale window issues you're facing. 

Shutter Shop works with homeowners to solve large window covering issues everyday. Depending on the use of the room, finding the right window treatment starts with understanding the goals of how you use the space. Is the large-scale window in your bedroom and you want to cover the window all the time? Maybe you're on a lake and you want to leave the window open during the day, but cover it at night. Whatever the challenge, Shutter Shop is here to help.

When we run into a situation like this, there are a host of window treatments that can stretch in width to accommodate almost any window. One trick window treatment professionals can offer you is to flip the fabric 90 degrees to be able to "railroad" the fabric. It's also possible to split the window into two or three equal sections to break up the one large window into two or three more manageable chunks. If the window treatments will be used mostly for privacy purposes and raised during the day, this offers a viable and generally affordable option for most.

Sliding Panels are a great option for larger windows and doors. Graber Panel Accents™ and Sliding Panels offer a wide style selection of Natural Shade, Roller Shade and Solar Shade options to fit sliding panels perfectly into your larger-scale windows. Let us help you select fabrics and options based on your light control objectives and safety concerns as well as colors that work with other shades and blinds in your home. If you pair your sliding panels with a top treatment or valance you can create a finished, cohesive look. In addition to providing functional and decorative solutions for large-scale windows, sliding panels are also a beautiful solution for closet doors,  patio doors, and room dividers. 

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